Using Templates

First of all, the templates shipped with InvoicePlane are what they are called: templates. You can use them directly for your business but they are meant to be duplicated and customized.

There are two main types of templates which are used:

  • PDF Templates - Used to generate the quote and invoices PDF files
  • Web Templates - Used to display the quotes and invoices in a web browser for guest users (clients)

Using PDF Templates  

All PDF templates can be found in the following folders of the application:

  • /application/views/invoice_templates/pdf for invoices
  • /application/views/quote_templates/pdf for quotes

You can select which templates should be used in the system settings for either Invoices or Quotes. You can find the select boxes below the headline "Templates". Simply select the template, save and the template will be used for the next quote or invoice.

Settings Customize Templates