Invoice Settings

On the invoice settings page you can set a lot of options to control how invoices should behave.

General settings  

Setting Description
Default Invoicegroup Select the Invoicegroup that should be used by default
Set the Invoice to read-only on Select on which state an invoice should be set to read-only
Invoice due after Select after how many days an invoice should be set to due
Default Terms You can enter the default terms for any invoice here
Automatically email recurring invoices If you have recurring invoices you can choose if InvoicePlane should send an email with the invoice attached to the client automatically
Mark Invoices as sent when PDF is generated Choose if InvoicePlane should set the status of an invoice to Sent when you download the PDF
Invoice Logo Upload an image that should be placed on templates.


All following settings allow you to set default PDF and email templates for different states and purposes. At the end in the PDF Footer you can enter information that should be placed at the bottom of each PDF template.

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