Upgrade form FusionInvoice v1.x

If you used FusionInvoice v.1x to manage your invoices you can migrate to InvoicePlane.
Follow these steps to migrate your installation.

Make a full Backup

Actually you don't have to make a full backup of your FusionInvoice setup but we recommend to do so. We can not guarantee that the Migrationtool is working without problems.
Make a complete copy of the folder that holds your installation and make a backup of your database.

Use the Migrationtool

  1. Download the Migrationtool and unzip it to any directory on your webserver or your local machine and check if you copied the .htaccess file.
  2. If you want to run the tool in a subdirectory please set the directory in the config.php file.
  3. Then open the URL which can access the Migrationtool and follow the instructions.
Please do not use multiple directories like yourdomain.com/tools/migration/migrationtool as the tool only supports one directory at the moment.

Run the InvoicePlane Updates

After converting the database it's very important that you open the setup wizard of your InvoicePlane installation located at yourdomain.com/setup. Follow the instructions and the setup will run any necessary database updates. Without these updates InvoicePlane will not run.

If you encounter any problems please post a support request in the communtiy forums.
Importing Data