Logging In  

If InvoicePlane was installed into the root of your web server:

If InvoicePlane was installed into its own subdirectory of your web server:

Configure the Application  

Before you start with invoicing you should check the application settings on http://www.your-domain.com/settings and set for example the currency, how the amounts should be formatted and so on.

More information about available settings can be found on the Settings page.

Adding a Client  

Click Clients from the main menu at the top of the page and select Add Client. Fill in as much information as needed and submit the form.

More information about the client management can be found on the Clients page.

Adding Products  

If you have products which should appear on your invoices or quotes you can create them form the Products menu.

More information about products can be found on the Products page.

Creating an Invoice  

Click Invoices from the main menu at the top of the page and select Create Invoice. Start typing the client name into the Client box. If the client already exists in InvoicePlane, select the client from the list which appears after you start typing. If the client does not already exist in InvoicePlane, continue typing the client\'s name and that client will be added as a new record.
Then choose the invoice date and invoice group and submit the form.

If you added some products before you can simply add them via the Add Product button left from the Save button. If you want to enter some items manually you can use the empty row or add new rows with the Add new Row button.

Send the invoice  

If viewing a list of invoices, click the Options button on the row of the invoice to send. If viewing a single invoice, click the Options button near the top right of the page. Select Send Email from the Options button, review the information and submit the form. The client will receive an email with the invoice attached as a PDF.

Entering a Payment  

Offline payments are entered by clicking Payments from the main menu at the top of the page and selecting Enter Payment. Fill in the appropriate information and submit the form to enter the payment.

Online payments allow a client to pay their invoice online. When an online payment occurs, the payment is automatically entered back into InvoicePlane, eliminating the need to manually enter an offline payment. Online payments require additional setup before they can be used.

More information about payments can be found on the Payments page.

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